Lingam Massage Barcelona

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The main purpose of the Lingam massage is to achieve complete relaxation of the man through sexual pleasure, and that it connects with his most sensitive part in an experience of ecstasy almost mystical.


130€ / 1 hour · 70€ / half an hour

Are you in Barcelona and want to enjoy the immense pleasures that Tantra can offer you? Come to our erotic massage center AfroditaBCN and discover the quintessential tantra massage for men: the Lingam massage.

Our expert masseuses in the arts of Tantra massage will provide you with one of the most pleasant experiences that can be experienced when it comes to massages for men.

To achieve this, the massage focuses on the male sexual chakra, located in the penis, causing sexual energy to flow throughout your body. This energy will take you to a state of relaxation such that you will overcome fears and insecurities and you will achieve harmony between body and mind to fully enjoy the highest pleasures.

You will reach a relaxed state of continuous pleasure, maintaining a high level of arousal, and awakening a whole flow of sexual energy that will run throughout your body and increase your perceptual capacity.

What is Lingam Massage?

Meaning of Lingam

The term lingam comes from Sanskrit, and its literal meaning is phallus, although within the philosophy of Tantra, it is used more in a sense of masculine energy than of penis.

Within the Hindu religion, the lingam is the symbol that represents the god Shiva, and as such it is represented in the temples destined to the worship of him.

Origin of Lingam massage

It is part of tantra or tantrism, and is a massage aimed at achieving man’s spiritual fullness and a higher state of consciousness, all through sexual pleasure.

It consists of a massage performed on the male genital area, which allows to achieve the highest levels of pleasure thanks to the connection with the most sensitive part of the man and the awakening of all his sexual energy.

The lingam massage is the erotic massage par excellence for men, and it constitutes one of the most pleasant and stimulating tantra massages due to its high load of sensuality and eroticism.