Prostate Massage Barcelona

prostate massage barcelona

If you want to experience a prostate massage in Barcelona, you are in luck, because it is one of the most pleasant erotic massages that we offer in Afrodita BCN, since it provides a different and extremely intense pleasure thanks to the stimulation of the prostate gland, the male G-spot.

Prostate massage focuses on stimulating the male G-spot: the prostate gland, together with the perineum and the genital area, thus providing a very intense and different orgasm.

Our delicate and sensual masseuses will also go to every corner of your body to give you an experience that you will not be able to forget, in an especially erotic massage with absolute interaction and maximum stimulation.

Characteristics of the Prostate Massage

Prostate massage is indicated for open-minded men, who are not limited by prejudices or taboos, and want to experience new and exciting sensations. Try it and you will discover one of the most pleasant erotic massages in AfroditaBCN, following our motivation to break down barriers and taboos so that you can enjoy an uninhibited sexuality to the fullest, rediscover your body and enjoy all the pleasures it hides.

Through the prostate massage you will obtain an intense and different pleasure, and you will reach a climax or prostate orgasm whose intensity is usually greater than that of a genital orgasm.


Prostate massage focuses on stimulating the male G-spot: the prostate gland, along with the perineum and genital area. All this is done through gentle movements that progressively increase arousal through these important erogenous zones of the male body.

Our expert masseuses will make you reach the highest levels of pleasure through prostate stimulation accompanied by their delicate caresses on the penis and genital area. Let yourself go and enjoy a massage with constant stimulation of all your sensitive points, in which the most intense sensations you have ever experienced will predominate.


Prostate massage, apart from pleasure, provides other benefits for our general and sexual health:

  • On the sexual level, as we have already mentioned, stimulation of the prostate allows reaching an intense climax, with or without ejaculation. In addition, you can discover new forms of pleasure, while it can help both to maintain an erection and delay ejaculation.
  • Other benefits for your health are:
    • Reduction of the probability of developing prostate cancer.
    • Improves fluid drainage, preventing disorders.
    • Reduces inflammation and pain in cases, for example, such as urinary tract infection.