Nuru Massage Barcelona

180€ / 1 hour · 100€ / half an hour

Come to Afrodita BCN and enjoy the most exciting and exotic sensations with the best Nuru massage in Barcelona. An erotic body-to-body massage (body to body massage) with a completely naked nude where you will feel the sculptural body and the suggestive curves of our masseuses sliding over yours.

Enjoy an authentic Nuru massage, the most complete interactive massage that, thanks to the smooth sliding of the nuru gel coated bodies, will allow you to experience the most erotic sensations you have ever imagined.

8 varieties

of erotic massages

30 or 60 minutes

of intense pleasure


customer satisfaction

+ 10 masseuses

to choose

7 rooms


Interactive nuru massage body to body

What are Nuru Massages?

The Nuru Massage is a type of erotic massage of oriental origin, coming from the traditional baths of Japan. In Japanese “nuru massage” means viscous or slippery massage, since it is performed using the entire body of the masseuse smeared in a special lubricating gel called nuru gel.

Nuru gel is a highly viscous and slippery gel made from algae, and is used to achieve a great ability to glide between bodies. This particularity gives the Nuru massage a special load of eroticism and makes it one of the most exciting erotic massages known.

The particularity of this massage specialty is that the masseuse uses her entire naked body to massage the different parts of the client’s body, in a body-to-body massage technique that seeks maximum skin-to-skin contact. In this way, a great connection is generated between the masseuse and the client, undoubtedly creating one of the most exciting and pleasant sensations that can be experienced in a massage.

How is the most exciting Naked Massages

Done on a futon with a special coating so that the gel is not lost, it begins with the erotic masseuse covering every inch of her body and yours with the nuru gel. After this erotic moment, it is when a body to body massage of extreme sensuality begins where you can fully enjoy the closeness, softness and warmth of a spectacular erotic masseuse sliding on you.

The erotic masseuses of AfroditaBCN not only exude sensuality, beauty and sympathy, but they are also professional experts in the most exotic and exciting massage techniques in the world. With this exceptional body to body massage you will indulge in intense pleasure, and end up with a feeling of complete relaxation and well-being.

It is essential to have tried nuru massage at least once in our erotic massage center in Barcelona. The Nuru is one of our most successful and demanded mutual or interactive massages and a guarantee of enjoyment and well-being for our clients.